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Hi there! I am Angelova, I created this wiki for one main reason: finding my biological family. In the process I will be sharing my thoughts, hopes and life experiences. I know I look and sound as a sweet girl, somebody even spoiled, right? well, it would only be a quick light mistook assumption from you.

I believe in hard work, people's good hearts and a little bit in destiny. Yes, destiny. I mean, why not? I am entitled to believe in anything I want and destiny, it sort of fits in and explains everything else I can't get a better answer for.

Not everything is written in stone, that's for sure, so I thought if somebody is going to write about me it'd better be myself.

Only God knows me more than I do. Are you ready to know the real me?

Be prepared for anything.

About My Life as a Boyko-Zayat

In many countries people use a 2 part last name, it is the result of the combination of both parents' first last names (yes, they usually use a 2 part last name too). In my case my father's first last name was Boyko and my mother's was Zayat. I refer to them in past sentence because they are already dead.

My father, Giorgio Boyko, was a freelance photographer, music instruments repairman and a topographer. He was good with his hands, not only he was able to repair virtually anything he touched but he was also good with plants and animals; his parents had a farm in Italy and his grandparents had farms too, one in Argentina (from his mother's father's side) and one in Ireland (from his father's mother's side). My mother used to say he was a gold & diamonds jewelry maker during the day and a graphic designer at night & weekends in a local printer when they first met. He died of a heart attack on 2012.

My mother, Hripsima Zayat, was a Scientist. Beautiful and eccentric. A free spirit. She loved to be barefoot, specially in the beach feeling the sand under her feet. In sort of contrast to it, she was an all fashion model to everybody she met. No matter where she was nor who she was with, she was always ALWAYS ALWAYS treated as a queen. I guess when you act like a queen and exude all that royalty energy, people can't do more than treat you like royalty. She studied in an all girl catholic school, thanks to it she had the most delicate manners, even her laugh was like a melody. She died of a heart attack on 2017.

I must confess I felt as an outsider in the family in daily basis, not only because my look was different from everybody else's but also because I was treated different, even from my parents. Being an asperger kid, I was more into minding my own business -I still am- than into whatever other people were doing or saying around me, even thou every time I entered a room I sensed a discomfort I wasn't able to explain, at least not until my mother told me the truth. So that's how I learnt to live inside a toxic environment, surrounded by bullies. I know I deserve better, I have been aware of it since day one. It is ok.

Before she died, my mother started to talk about the day I was born, she was in such pain at that moment so I didn't give much thought to it. She knew she was dying and ended up telling me the story of how I was exchanged with her precious baby girl. According to this, her daughter died during labor and her husband decided to paid a nurse to replace their dead baby with an alive one, and there I was. He did it without consulting her. She was never happy with this. I was for her a living reminding of her lost. She said I must leave after her dead. I was living with her at that time -taking care of her- day and night.

Obviously there was no point for me to keep living in her house after she died but I couldn't leave at first. I was in shock by all the things she told me, I mean she even asked me to change my name because it's her baby girl's name. According to a friend, who happens to be a psychiatric, I was suffering from PTS syndrome, he recommended sleeping therapy for 6 months, I did it for 10 weeks, I was forced by accident to do it. I was on a bus hit by a car and got expelled, I don't remember it. I lost my memory and when I started to remember, all my memories were -and still are- sad ones. It was a living nightmare.

I need to get back on my feet and find a solution for my situation, I was -and still am, at this very moment- in Venezuela, in a middle of an humanitarian crisis. So continue to sleep while the country is/was falling apart isn't/wasn't an option for me. I have been doing my best to keep myself sane but I know I am alive only because God wants me to be alive. I thought about killing myself last year, when many other young venezuelans started to commit suicide after this evil man, Maduro, won -again- with fraudulent ways, the presidential elections. Talking about living nightmares & living hell, ask a Venezuelan refugee.

I felt lost. I was lost. I guess I am still am in many ways, but I don't feel lost anymore. I know there must be a way for me to get on my feet, to have a better life, the life I know I deserve. Boyko Zayat or not, this is my story. I will try to share more about me every week, when electricity black outs and crappy 3rd world internet allow me to. If you want to help me somehow, you can do it with money, prays and your friendship. I believe in the power of positive thinking and in the power of prays, but if you can send me a coffee or 2 (or as many as you want) here you will make me very happy too.

I am Angelova Minuet Boyko Zayat, thank you for your support.

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